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June -- Competition Entry Due Date: Sunday, May 26, 2024 - Topic: Abstracts in water reflections
Club Meeting: Tuesday, June 4, 2024
July -- Competition Entry Due Date: Sunday, June 23, 2024 - Topic: Back light
Club Meeting: Tuesday, July 2, 2024


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Competition Information

OCC members may participate in monthly contests designed to challenge photographers to leave their "comfort zone" and experiment with photographing a wide range of subjects. Entries are judged online by one or more professional photographers located somewhere in the world. At the monthly meetings we project the competition images on the "big screen", read the judges comments and provide further commentary and critique. At the close of the meeting we give out ribbon awards in each competition class.

The meetings and photo critiques are a wealth of information on technical aspects, composition and general information about photography. All members are encourage to participate in the discussion.

OCC members are also members of the Florida Camera Club Council (FCCC or F3C). As members of that state-wide organization, NCFPC members may compete in tri-annual F3C competitions. See the F3C page for more information.

Upload Site

Competitions are all digital and judged online. All Members in good standing may upload images here. A member user id and password is required to upload images. No one but you will be able to view your images until after the competition is closed.

Click here for the UPLOAD SITE

DIGITAL Entry Preparation

Size your image so the width is no more than 3000 pixels and the height is no more than 3000 pixels. You may upload larger images but they will be scaled automatically to fit our judging format. Images must be JPG format. Other formats may be accepted but they will be converted to JPG format.

2015 Digital Competition Manual - Everything you need to understand our competitions

If you have any questions please email:

Please disregard any references to emailing competition entries in previous documents. All entries are uploaded via the Upload Site above.

Each month has a competition Topic you must adhere to plus an Open Topic

You may enter 6 images total in your class including Open Topic.

Class A: 2- COLOR A On Topic - 2-MONOCHROME A On Topic - 2-Open Topic

Class B: 2-COLOR B On Topic - 2-MONOCHROME B On Topic - 2-Open Topic

Novice: 4-NOVICE On Topic - 2-Open Topic

DEADLINE is SUNDAY at Midnight, 9 days BEFORE the competition. No entries will be accepted at anytime after the deadline!

Entry Fee

The Entry Fee per entry is $3.00 per image and is now payable online ONLY. You may use paypal or a credit card to pay online, please follow the instructions online at the upload site.


There are six divisions within the contest (basically six separate competitions):

  • Class "A" Color Images (Must be On Topic)
  • Class "B" Color Images (Must be On Topic)
  • Class "A" Monochrome Images (Must be On Topic)
  • Class "B" Monochrome Images (Must be On Topic)
  • Novice (open only to Novice Class) (Must be On Topic)
  • Open Topic (open to all classes) (Open Topic)

See the Digital Competition Manual for all the details.

Deadline Calendar:

2015 Competition Calendar - Please see the 2015 Themes below

2014 Competition Calendar.pdf

2013 Competition Calendar.pdf

2012 Competition Calendar.pdf


All judges receive a judging criteria document prior to judging.This is the document for 2014.

Judging Criteria 


Each month's competition will conform to a theme. Judges will be advised to weigh the appropriateness of the image to the theme. Approximately every third month is an "OPEN".

2018 Competition Themes

2017 Competition Themes

2016 Competition Themes

2015 Competition Themes

2014 Competition Themes

Past Competition Themes

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