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We are a full service photography club providing social, cultural, and educational opportunities to all photographers from the early beginner to advanced amateurs and professionals. Please plan to attend our next meeting at the City of Ocala Discovery Center, 701 NE Sanchez Avenue (map) and find out what we are all about! (read more...)

Member Photography Exhibit

Mike Roppel has an exhibit at Master the Possibilities during the month of July 2014.   The exhibit is titled  Cloudy Bright, a throwback title to the old sky descriptions when film was popular.  The exhibit consists  of 20  11 x 14 photos.  The MTP is just outside On Top of the World a little West of SW 80 street and SW 80 Ave on SW 80 St.
As the title suggests the photos are of cloud formations near and in  On Top of the World.  Mike started his photo career in  the service carrying 4x5 cameras and #5 flash bulbs,  The military finally switched to strobes that seemed to weigh a ton or so after carrying it all day.   After the service the world switched to 2 1/4 (120-220-620 film) as in Rolleiflex, Mamiya press and others. Polaroid and 35 mm took over from 126 instamatic  and peanut flash bulbs then digital entered the picture.  No more wet darkrooms and dim yellow lights or waiting for pictures to dry.

Yahoo Group - NAME CHANGE - no longer NCFPC!

The Yahoo group that we use to communicate is now OCCFL. It is no longer NCFPC. When sending email messages to the group you must send to this address:

The group is located at:

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This is a private Yahoo group open only to members of Ocala Camera Club.

Upcoming Events

July Meeting Tuesday 7pm  7/1/14 at the Discovery Center in Tuscawilla Park


Hat Trick! Julie Johnson wins First Place in all three categories.

Color A - "Ahhhhh" - Julie S Johnson

Mono A - "Bar Maid" - Julie S Johnson

Anything Goes - "Right Side Up Wine" - Julie S Johnson

Featured Image

First Place - Anything Goes "Right Side Up Wine" - Julie S Johnson



Competition Themes for 2014

And now for something TOTALLY DIFFERENT... Competition themes have been posted for the 2014 monthly competitions. See details on the Competition page.

Membership Offer

Memberships run from February through the following January. New members joining in August or later only pay a half year rate which runs through the following January.

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NEW Business Cards

Attention Members! We now have new club "business cards" with our new meeting location for you to use to promote our club to your friends and colleagues.
Just ask around if you would like some and don't see them at the meetings.