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Photo Resources

Digital Photography School - Online articles


The Digital Photography School is a great resource for all things photography related. They have articles written by experts on an extremely wide range of photography topics. This is often a great place to start when you are learning something new.

Light Stalking - Online articles


Light Stalking is similar to the Digital photography school with articles written by experts about photography. Their blog is a wonderful resource and covers things you may not have thought about yet.

Phlearn - Online Tutorials


Phlearn creates free as well as pay for photography & photoshop tutorials. If you need help with anything photoshop, Phlearn is the place to start.

Creative Live - Online Classes


Creative Live is a video-based learning platform based in Seattle. Their live classes are free, as are the re-broadcasts. The classes are often extremely informative and have extra downloadable material to help you learn.

Kelby One - Online Classes


Kelby One is very similar to Creative Live, except that you pay for membership and then have access to all of their classes / videos.