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Competition Themes

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One of These Isn’t Like the Others

 For this competition we want you to compose great shots where something needs to be different or out of place among the others.  A collection of items where you get impact by having one item similar, but totally out of character.  Show us good photography skills. Composition is a MUST.

February OPEN

Entry Deadline:Sunday January 23rd, 2011


Peeping Tom

 No you are not going to stand outside your neighbor’s window!  You need to find things to shoot through that are NOT photography equipment.  Have you ever held your sunglasses up in front of your lens?  Shooting through gauze, a knot hole in a fence, a partially open door or even a key hole will show us that you are thinking about filtering without photo filters.  Remember to create effects that enhance the subject and show your genius creativity.  Remember to send in images that will score well with the Technical, Impact, Composition scoring method.

Entry Deadline:Sunday February 20, 2011


Make something very ordinary look extra-ordinary.

 How?  By using a UNIQUE PERSPECTIVE OR ANGLE OF VIEW.  The name of the image should name the original ordinary item.  Look up, look down, look all around and show us something new, unique and special.  As always you need to remember the basics of exposure, composition, and everything that makes a good photo.

Entry Deadline:Sunday March 27, 2011

May OPEN: Something Nautical

Entry Deadline:Sunday  April 24,2011



  Show us something abstract.  Try a macro lens or maybe a new camera technique.  Think outside the box and show us something that makes us wonder, then let the title tell us what we are looking at.

Entry Deadline:Sunday  May29,2011



 Catch a drip leaving a faucet or impacting a dish.  Catch a drip from an icicle or maybe milk splashing in a cup.  This may involve setting up a mini-studio in your kitchen.  Show us control of your shutter speed by catching the drip and also show us your creative side by making it an interesting drip.  Think about reflections in your drips and drops.  Don’t like being a drip? OK – you have a second choice. Shoot a subject that is substantially immersed in a liquid.  As always, remember to send us images that are properly lit, exposed, composed and have the elements of good photography.

Entry Deadline:Sunday June26 ,2011

August OPEN

Entry Deadline:Sunday  July 24,2011


Inner Workings

Photograph a portion of a machine that conveys how it works. It could be anything from an automobile to a household appliance. Tell a story. Composition and lighting are really important!

Entry Deadline:Sunday  August 28,2011



 Show us a well composed and properly exposed image that makes us think about the weather.  It might be the sky that gives it away or we might see the effects of wind or rain.  As always we are looking for well shot images that meet our scoring criteria.  Photojournalist approach will work if you remember the basics we use for judging.

Entry Deadline:Sunday September 25 ,2011

November OPEN:  Must be images taken during a club field trip 12/10-10/11

Entry Deadline: Sunday  October 23,2011

December Annual Competition


January Motion (doesn't count for points) 
February Sticky
March Open
April Shadows
May Mirror
June Texture
July Open
August Silhouettes
September High Key
October Fill the Frame
November Open
December Annual Competition



January Education Sessions
February Open
March Education Sessions
April Curves
May Education Sessions
June Shallow Depth of Field
July Education Sessions
August Open
September Education Sessions
October Old Florida
November Education Sessions
December Annual Competition



 2008 Competition Categories

January Reflections
February Glassware
March Open
April Americana / Patriotic
May Flowers
June Open
July With a Flash
August Looking Up
September Open
October Cemeteries
November Days End (4-6pm)
December Annual Competition